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Old Kiama Fire Station Woodcraft Sales Christmas / New Year 2017/18 at the Old Fire Station at Kiama__Date not yet determined.

Kiama Woodcraft Expo and Sales 10-11 March 2018 at Kiaama Freemasons Hall

Kiama WoodCraft Group Annual Woodwork Expo Feature

The Kiama woodwork group hold a Woodwork EXPO every year to showcase their skills and to attract new members. Last year was a great two days with good public attendances. The 2016 superfoot competition was won by Tony Walsh, the timber was New Guinea Rosewood. The works below are all made from a piece of timber measuring 1 foot X 1 Foot X 2 inches.The timber selected for the 2017 competition is Rock Maple

THe photos below are from the 2016 competion with New Guinea Rosewood

The Super Foot Entries