John Daniel

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Small Clocks, Coolabah, Red Gum, Beefwood etc
Music Canterbury, Recycled Australian Red Cedar; Finish: Shellac
Super Foot Challenge;1/6 scale Chiffionier with wine cooler; Tasmanian Myrtle; Finish: Shellac
Dolls Cradle; Home grown Banksia; Finish: Polyurethane satin varnish
Super Foot Challenge;1/6 scale Desk under construction with traditional joints
Super Foot Challenge;1/6 scale Desk with office chair completed; New Guinea Rosewood; Finish : Shellac
Recycled Ironbark fence posts; turned surfaces finished with Birchwood Casey's Gunstock Oil
Super-foot Club Challenge, 'Garden essentials with helper'. Wood - Huon Pine. Finish -Danish oil
Old guest-house table as found with tacked-on linoleum surface, lots of damage and many layers of paint; Why bring it home? You may ask, well, hidden under all that paint and linoleum was an early Australian-made Cedar table just waiting to be rescued.
New life for the 'old guest-house table'. The table was completely disassembled, linoleum, tacks and nails removed from the top and the layers of paint striped away, the table's future was decided. The top needed cross-banding to hide the nail holes, three new drawers needed to be made, a back needed to be cross-banded to match in with the top and once assembled, this rejuvenated table deserved French-polishing…well rewarded for effort.
An assortment of chisel handles. The majority of the handles are of Cotoneaster, the double hooped 'Titan' style handles are of Spotted Gum. The handles are finished with two coats of shellac, although the Spotted Gum handles are firstly given a coat of linseed oil and left overnight prior to the shellac.
Super-foot Club Challenge,1/6 scale of a Regency Side-board with High Wickham chairs. Wood - Rock Maple.
<b>A cluster of carving mallets of various patterns, wood - Cotoneaster,ready for a good soaking in linseed oil, the end of a productive day</b>
Captain/Pub Chair - Super-foot Club Challenge.1/3 scale, wood - NG Rosewood,  finish - shellac.
Trinket box; Figured New Guinea Rosewood
One sixth scale, recycled Australian Red Cedar
<b>High Chair; Banksia sourced from backyard tree</b>